Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hi, Friends!

I've had a number of followers who have been sticking around this blog for literally years. An especially notable achievement for some given my long, LONG periods of inactivity. Either that, or they are just bad at thinning out their stable of followed blogs.

I have a post in the works (for reals!), but figured I would do a quick update right now.

As I said in my...last...update post, I recently graduated from college. All super duper exciting and whatnot - except that pesky act known as getting a job. Put simply, not only is no one hiring in general, but no one is especially hiring in the field of journalism, where the old flagships are slowly falling into a pit of bankruptcy.

I've gotten lucky and found some work as a freelancer covering some local high school sports teams and am still rocking my unpaid internship. But that's not enough, both for personal fulfillment and rent-paying purposes. I want to go on to do great big things in the field of journalism, shed lights where none had been previously shone, make lives better and educate. The way I see it, I need three things to get there: luck, hard work and exposure.

Thankfully, I can control the latter two options. Therefore:

1. I will be starting a new news blog in the coming weeks. I've been working on it off and on for awhile now, and I'm hoping it will be ready to launch soon. It will be rough, like a newborn baby that is kind of cute and you can see that it may one day be worthwhile, but for now is a little misshapen and only consumes time/produces excrement. You all will be kept abreast, should you be interested.

2. I will be posting here more often. It won't be an every day kind of thing, but if I want to have a job writing, I need to treat it as one. Expect lots of the same weird, goofy, nerdy, and yet strangely heartwarming content to come.

3. Finally, and likely most jarringly for some followers, I have now finally posted my name on my blog. I haven't done TERRIBLY well at hiding it (lots of linking to columns I've written, my email address, etc), but now it's official. I can no longer fool myself into thinking I have complete anonymity. As such, I have removed (not deleted) a few old posts from my blog. I do so not out of shame nor regret, but in hopes of making this blog an overall better place. Namely, better for getting a job.

Hopefully, this doesn't all come back in a few years to bite me ("We were looking through your old blog and saw that you make a post about deep tissue massage as it relates to intercourse. So that's awkward."), but I think that ultimately it will be helpful to me in the long run. Hope you guys agree and  stick around for the ride.


Pat Tillett said...

I guess I am one of those people just sitting around tapping my fingers...waiting...
Post here, post there, post somewhere!
Seriously I hope you had a great holiday season blog when you want to!
That was a good anonymous comment to let it...HA!

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