Thursday, November 25, 2010

Soft Thanksgiving

Well, it's 3:21 AM here in Roma, and I'm faaaiiiirrrllllyyy sleepydrunk right now. My friends Matt and Sarah and I decided to stay in Rome for Thanksgiving break (mostly because we're poor and have a lot of homework to do). I'll probably blog all about it in the next couple of days when I get all the pictures for it, but can't really do so at the moment.


It's been very weird being in a country that doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving. We had to remind ourselves all day that the world keeps turning everywhere else, and that today was nothing special for anyone but us Americans. Obviously, we spent the entirety of today being loud, kinda drunk Americans because, well, fuck blending in in the holiest of holy feasts of the Church of Merika.

But I wanted to crank out a Thanksgiving post real quick, especially because I don't have all of my pictures together for my Greece posts (so..far...behind...). So, in a quick, sleepydrunk fashion, here are the top 15 things I am thankful for on this, the most glorious of American holidays:


15) Online TV - Old Nicktoons, new episodes of shows like Community, How I Met Your Mother, and Walking Dead, live football games, and movies online have all helped me cling (pathetically?) to my American, semi-couch potato lifestyle.

14) Italian food - From street pizza to fancy shmancy racks of lamb, these Italians might not be able to run anything efficiently, but sweet lord can they cook.

13) Immaturity - The fact that I still think of every person in London with red hair as being a Weasley, get no end of enjoyment in talking about Pixar movies, and giggle like a little kid when someone says "dootie," makes me beam with a pride that most should be ashamed of.

12) Dirindl - See my Oktoberfest post.

11) My friends in the blog world - As much as I like to say that I write this blog to make myself a better writer, a big portion of it is to entertain people. You all really help me push through the days that I don't feel like blogging, and every e-mail notification I get saying that I have a new comment on my blog makes me feel all warm and tingly inside (like the wine I had with dinner). Can't thank you all enough for the small bit of attention that you pay me.

10) The secret bakery - Will warrant a blog write up in the near future. Short version: 24 hour bakery, donuts the size of your head, cannoli, under a euro. Epic win.

9) Old friends - While I've made a slew of new friends here in Rome (and really, in college in general), there's always something to be said for the friends from elementary school who you can still pick up the phone, call, and talk to for an hour about nothing in particular. Those are the friendships that will always be there, no matter what, and the ones that should be treasured the most.

8) Authentic American food - You don't know how much you miss a good burger, pie, or cookie until you don't have access to them anymore. First day back in the US is going to be a calorie-filled day of greatness. Greatness and sugar and protein.

7) Great professors - All of my professors this semester are phenomenal, have genuinely inspired me to find what I want to do in life, grab a hold of it, and never let go. For that, I will be eternally grateful.

6) Man Night - A holdover from my time back in Chicago, there's something to be said for going out with the boyos for a brew or two to just relax and get to know each other better. God I sound like a drunk frat boy...

5) Feeling thankful for things - As strange as it sounds, I appreciate the ability to realize how lucky I am and try to not take too much for granted. I am thankful for the ability to see how many opportunities life has given me.

4) Easyjet, Ryanair, and all the like - I've regaled you with (some) of my jetsetting stories this semester, and it, quite frankly, wouldn't be possible without the fine (and by fine, I mean cheap and shitty) services offered by these airlines.

3) Little moments in which I can speak Italian and pretend I'm not too foreign - Yes, I know that, on the rare occasions that my very limited Italian skillset (Where is the bathroom? One piece of pizza please! That's good!) will carry me through in conversation, I still speak in an American accent. But it's nice at least seeming like I fight in...

2) History boners - I've references them a number of times on this blog with a fair amount of passion, but I feel like throwing them another (heh) bone here needs to happen. For me, the sheer fact that I can be emotionally moved by anything, including seeing the inside of the Colosseum for the first time,and be genuinely excited about learning about it is something that I deeply treasure. I've looked for a long time to find something that I'm interested in enough to really turn my full passion towards, and journalism and history have filled those roles. And blogging, of course. Yeah.

1) Family - Yes, they give me a whole lot of hell for a lot of things (they didn't take well to my Oktoberfest postings...). And yes, they really get on my nerves for a whole litany of reasons that I'll not get into right now. But without the support of my parents, who told me that I could go to college wherever I wanted and go abroad wherever I wanted, I wouldn't be where I am today, having the time of my life. I certainly won't forget everything that they've done for me and my siblings over the years to make the little moments possible. Though I might need a re-assertion of that love via a direct deposit to my savings account later this week.

Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day filled with overeating, family, friends, football, and chants of "USA! USA! USA!"


Pat Tillett said...

Happy Thanksgiving my friend! Of course where you are, it's probably the day after tomorrow by now. This was a really nice post! You're a great young mad and I think you really have your stuff together. You're are taking full advantage of being in Europe and I'm enjoying it from afar.
Looking forward to your next post! Take care...

Eleni said...

Aw, you are extremely entertaining. Thanks for blogging! :)

Secret bakery? I have to see these giant donuts. It all sounds amazing.

I've all but lost touch with all my friends from elementary, middle, and high school. Being their friends on Facebook doesn't quite count. The only friends I really still have that I was friends with as a kid are family friends (one is getting married--weird!), but none are so close I could just call them up. Makes me sad. I do get along well with my brothers, though, so I guess they fill that hole.

Happy Thanksgiving!

soft nonsense said...

Pat - You're too kind, sir. You, as one of my oldest followers (March-ish, if I recall correctly), have been one of the most encouraging.

Eleni - You were roughly follower number 3, and have managed to stick around this long, so thank YOU.

And holy hell are they...

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