Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Century Mark

Well ladies and gentlemen, I've finally reached a milestone here on Soft Nonsense: 100 blog posts. Not quite the year mark (which is coming up in a couple months), but I felt that not commemorating it in some fashion would be a waste of an, entry.

So, for your reading pleasure:

Soft Nonsense's 100th post, as interpreted through various forms of poetry


The blog’s one hundred
I’m not really sure how to
Commemorate it

Stole from Pat Tillet
He writes poems pretty well
Five syllables dumb


I’ve written about a lot here
Comic books, Justin Beaver, Nicktoons
My first (and fourth) Oktoberfest beer
And about five men for whom I swoon

Life in newspaper and the radio
My roommates and my Mansgiving
My trip to Barca’s estadio
Can't forget Wash not living

All about having to get tampons
Plus Nostalgic Music Mondays
(Probably) a few tales of my brawn
Even formed a some new catchphrase (s - silent pluralization)

Sorry for that last verse, I’m not exactly a bard
(God this rhyming shit is hard)


Zombies, Red Rangers, and Dutch knights
Hank Azaria, NPH, and my fear of heights
A rough break-up (kind of a bitch)
Can’t forget hot dog potato chips
Me finding stray cats in Hawaii
My life being rather untidy
Lollapalooza, a manly moustache
And toiling under my professors' lash


But through it all, you all have kept reading
On and on, rarely ceasing
Only the best things have you said
Basically, without you all, this blog would be dead
I look at my followers, some stuff I recommend
Even a few of you, I consider a friend
Some of you: I’m glad you appreciate the immature things


Funny, smart
Writing, commenting, laughing
All obviously very sexy


And so I think its time for me to stop,
According to my European clock
So I bid you adieu
And thank all of you
For putting up with this slop.


Penny Lane said...

I bow to you,
this was amazing. I just started following you today, and I am glad I was here for this momentous occasion.
Simply amazing! Keep on writing, I'll be reading ( not that, that means much to you) but Um, I find it comforting, and before I begin to ramble,

Peace and Love,

Pat Tillett said...

So you really only follow me because of the syllable content of my name? Gee!

Congrats on 100...keep up the good work!

The Shanner of Attention said...

Congrats on 100. I'm actually impressed with your poetry variety. You are quite talented, sir. Now only if you had ended with a picture of you picking your own nose, would it had been perfect.

Missed Periods said...

I love the cinquain. Reminds me of Mike Myers in So I Married an Axe Murderer. Happy 100th.

soft nonsense said...

Penny - Course it means a lot. You keep up the commenting/reading, maybe you'll get your own poem someday. (high aspirations, I know)

Pat - Why else do you think I hadn't commented in awhile? ;)

Shanner - Gotta save something for 200, eh?

MP - I'll take that as the highest compliment.

Nicki said...

I hereby appreciate your BOOBIES acrostic.

(...and your in-sonnet Firefly reference.)

soft nonsense said...

Nicki - Which is why I firmly believe that my readers are made up of the best of the internetters.

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I noticed the boobies! I liked the boobies!

(I want to be called a best internetter.)

The cinquain reminds me of my childhood. Not anything specific, really, but just you know, just my childhood.


Rainey said...

Impressed with your post
Haikus are my favorite
Happy one hundred!

soft nonsense said...

Lorraine - Who doesn't? Like boobies I mean.

Rainey - Thanks! Now you need to post again...

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