Thursday, October 7, 2010


I'm sorry bloggers and blogesses - I have failed you. I know that your weeks are practically defined by the next time you can get updated on my life. That your one glimmer of hope each day is to come home from your dull lives to get online, frantically type my URL into your browser on the of chance that I had updated in the time it took for you to close out of Firefox at work to get home onto your personal computer, was absent for a few weeks.

For that, I am sorry.

...especially because I'm going to Greece tomorrow for the next ten days.


But a bit of good news: the finest football team in the nation, the Nebraska Cornhuskers, play tonight at 1:30 AM my time. As it is currently 11:42, I have a whole bunch of time to wait until it starts (who needs sleep?!), so I'm going to be blogging nonstop to try and update you on my life, then trying to figure out how to autopost them so that they can continue updating when I'm sunning on the lovely beaches of the Mediterranean, history nerding and eating gyros and drinking ouzo with my knighted and Dutch history professor.

Don't worry: I'm sure it will make for a great blog post. And between bites of kebob, I'm sure I'll miss you all dearly.


Couple weeks back my friends and I decided we needed a good old-fashioned Italian holiday. And what better way to get into the Italian spirit than going to a small town and drinking an excess of wine at a grape festival?


And so, after some interesting train riding, we finally got to Velletri, a town southeast of Roma, for the fest at about 1 in the afternoon and found that it was the perfect picture of a small Italian city:

So, remember how I said we got there at 1? Thinking we were a bunch of well-prepared and early showers, we failed to realize that, didn't actually start until....well, we weren't really sure. All we knew was that it sure as hell wasn't anywhere near 1. Oopsies. That, plus the unannounced downpour of rain, quite downed our hopes for a quality weekend excursion. After a bit of wandering and time-killing we had pretty much exhausted all we thought that a quaint little town could offer, and were contemplating cutting our losses.

Then the heavens opened up and the tubas started to play.

We followed them on a procession through the city (to, somehow, places that we had yet to venture):

Then we found where the real action was:

Each of those wooden structures are separate wine tasting stations. For five euro, we got our own commemorative wine glass and 10 passes to use on nine different stations (number 10 was for your favorite). And no, these were not your California-sized wine shots: these were full-on glasses of wine.

So we had some fun.

Look at us: lookin' all classy and shit.

(My pinky is totally extended just outside the frame)

Oooohhh yeah.

Kelsey isn't a fan of wine. What a good sport.

So story time.

As I got around to station 9, I was feeling rather pleased about life. Particularly because some people (aforementioned Kelsey, for example) passed along their pleasantries on to me because said pleasantries weren't to their liking and I apparently seemed like I needed to be more pleasant. But anywho, as I got to the final station, I made eye contact with the women working at the station. Like, one of those looks where someone smiles at you with their whole face and things slow down a little bit. We talked a little in rudimentary Italian, and I caught her checking me out more than once.

I'd certainly be lying if saying that using two other 10's on Station 9 that I picked up were simply because I liked theirs the best (I did).

The last thing we saw in Velletri was a jazz/soul band named Save Your Face who were...interesting. They were really talented, and had a cool set up (the keyboard player also played the drums), and were really unique sounding.

And they wore welding masks while they played. So there's that.

Finally, once we got back to Rome, we went to a restaurant called "L'Archetto", which serves 140 different kinds of spaghetti.

No, I'm not going to try to have every single kind.

I'm too poor.


Pat Tillett said...

It sounds like you had a fantastic day! they say Rome is for lovers...did you get phone number? Are you now moving to Italy?

Ten days in Greece? So do you ever actually go to school? Your blogs posts are really good and so are your photos!

Eleni said...

140 kinds of spaghetti?! Oh my God, I am so very hungry right now.

Glad to hear that things are all still going well. Hope you have a great time in Greece, and I can't wait to read more about your adventures!

The Shanner of Attention said...


Glad you are having such a "pleasant" time experiencing Europe! :)

Tabs A. Geek said...

Gosh I'm so jealous of you. And that pasta looks amazing.

I'm not too jealous of the wine tasting... I'm not a fan of wine at all; but it looks like it would have been a fun festival nonetheless :)

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