Sunday, September 5, 2010


Well everybody, I was going to have an epic blog post about my orientation last weekend, but I was convinced to drink a little more than I'm used to (being some alcohol), so I feel like I should blog to commemorate the occasion.

I don't really know what I should talk about here....I, like so many others before me, just kind of drunkenly assumed that whatever my first semi-drunk post would be a fantastic venture in hilarious randomness, but right now I'm just kind of rolling with it. I was hoping that all the liquid courage would allow for either some inspired comments or a whole mess of awesomeness, but apparently the gods of alcohol are allowing for neither. Still, though, I feel like you, my dear readers, should get a glimpse into my inebriated state and really be there for my first such experience.

Maybe I'll start by describing how I feel right now: I feel like I just came off of a tilt-o-whirl that I enjoyed thoroughly, but was a ride that made me slightly dizzy, but in that wholly enjoyable manner. I've never really drank before coming to Italy (not that I've had much now - I just haven't learned the valuable lesson that I need to drink such beverages slowly and not at the pace that I do with most other drinks), and I don't particularly plan on making this a regular thing, but it's kind of nice. Plus the fact that I can close my eyes and shake my head for a couple seconds and feel disorientated is quite an interesting sensation. Part of that likely has to do with the fact that it's also around 2am here, only making my lack of inner ear orientation worse.

Side note: glad that my vocabulary is still apparently intact.

Maybe I'll just use this time to, in the fashion of a true person who is under the influence, let you know how much I appreciate all of you. Don't worry, it was totally an idea that I had come up with well before just now in a mad scramble to come up with non-Rome updates/something I emotionally came up with because of my evening beverage choices.

(Takes bathroom break)

Hmmm, these Twix bars taste exactly like they do in America...though I may have to eat the other one to really be sure...

Sorry, where was I?

Oh right. A special shout-out to all you loyal readers out there, the ones who have been reading and commenting since the very beginning (you know who you are). I have done a post or two about what I intended to get out of this blog, and they've mostly been lots of very (Bah, weird, I'm hiccuping. I feel like a jokingly drunk cartoon character...) semi-self-fluffing reasons of "I'm doing this to get better as a writer" and "I write about what I want to write about." Both of those are entirely true, but I wouldn't be nearly as (barely) devoted if it weren't for those few people who I can count on reading this thing and commenting at least occasionally. The fact that 34 people at least pretend to associate themselves with my blog is absolutely baffling and flattering to me. The fact that most, if not all, of the 34 people are better and more entertaining writers than I and still count my blog as rather enjoyable is beyond description. Thanks for tuning in, everybody, you have no idea how much it means to me.

Well, I'm pretty damn sleepy now (it now being 2:30...), so hope that it was decent. back to your scheduled programming tomorrow.


Ambiguous Geek said...

Haha. Drunken blogging. I kinda miss doing that.Glad to hear your night was a good one. Looking forward to hearing all about your story abroad as it continues.

Pat Tillett said...

Drunken blogging usually makes for interesting blog entries.
Hey, speaking for myself, It's my pleasure to follow this thing. You are funny and a hell of a lot better writer than you think you are!

Eleni said...

Aw, you're a funny, sweet drunk. That's a good thing.

In general I don't drink at all (comes in handy being with the Muslim boyfriend :). But since it's not due to any hard and fast moral reasons, when I was in France I figured I might as well sample the local wines. The most I ever drank in one sitting was a single glass of wine (that came with the prix fixe meal). But I got incredibly, incredibly sleepy. I guess that's the closest I've been to "under the influence," which is still kind of embarrassing because it was just one glass. Of course, we were at that restaurant until 12:30 am (what is with Europeans and ridiculously long meals?), so maybe that was why I was so sleepy. We'll never know.

soft nonsense said...

Ambiguous (which sounds vaguely offensive when I type it like that...) - I don't really think it will happen all that often, mostly because I ran out of things to say before I even started this post...

Pat - Thanks a lot, you were one of my first (wink). Also, my e-mailed comment notifications seem to tell me that you are back from your vacation! lol

Eleni - I don't drink at all either (I could easily count the number of times that I had any non-religious alcohol on one hand pre-Roma), but I figured I would partake while I was here in Rome. And personally, I'm sure the fact that it was super duper late when I started that post didn't help me much either lol

The Shanner of Attention said...

I'm proud of you. That's the most legible drunken post I've ever read. If I were to post while drunk, you would officially know what TMI stands for. :)

I say live it up. "When in Rome..."

soft nonsense said...

Well then, Shannon, I feel as though you've been thoroughly holding out on us....

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