Friday, September 10, 2010

Raging History Boners

Okay everybody, I'm blogging from Barcelona right now (Oops, I forgot to tell you. I'm going to Barcelona on Thursday - er - last night. Should be a good time.), but still have one more catch up to do before talking about THIS trip before blogging about random shit as per usual. I'll make this snappy, because we're going out for a night on the town tonight (have you wait until later to hear the deets, I'm afraid!).


Remember how in my last Rome post I had a series of history major-related orgasms (and possible a pair of gelato-related ones) due to things like an ancient Roman wall and a castle and whatnot.

Well let's just say I had to up my B12 vitamin intake after last Friday.

Because...oh wait, what's that in the distance?

Let's walk a little closer.

Hmm, nope, can't quite see it yet. Let's...

Oohhh, there it is.


That's right: field trip to the Colisseum/Roman Forum/downtown Rome. No big.

Yup. That's where they kept the weapons and gladiators.

Oh, and the lions and bears and whatnot.

The ones that killed people.

Weird tablet thingie:

Just chillin'. In this place:


Now imagine that, covered completely in marble, filled with almost 100,000 screaming Romans, with a man fighting a god damn bear in the sand.

Now imagine all that, but instead of the man and bear, imagine it filled with thousands of gallons of water with re-enactments of maritime battles, complete with full ships.

I would slap a toga on my chubby body and learn Latin in a freaking heartbeat if I could spent a day there...

More Italy looking like a painting:

First look at the Forum:

The crew, as taken by an awkward and slightly confused Italian man:

Then, some of the group (mostly the ladies) decided they'd rather *twitch* THRIFT SHOP(!!!!?????!!!!!) than explore the Forum *TWITCHSPAZTWITCH*.


I didn't care.

(Two of the losers)

View of Coloseo from the Forum:

A temple:

Constantine's basilica:

A sweet, albeit crazy-looking, New Zealander we got to talk to in front of the basilica.

Current laptop/background: view of forum from lookout. Which was, apparently, the view that some super rich guy got every day when he rolled out of his bed. Or sack stuffed with horse hair or whatever.

Some excavated Roman houses:

The former locale of the Circus Maximus, a stadium that may have held up to 250,000 Romans watching chariot races. In fact, there apparently may still be some seating below the ground level to be excavated...

Artsy flower shot (that one's for you, Pat :) )

Roman official prison building or some such.

Giant palace built by Mussolini (now called "The Wedding Cake" by touristy types) that was apparently too expensive not to use after the whole "fascist" thing went by the wayside. Now it's something boring, like a museum/federal building, and almost certainly not the giant death palace Mussolini almost certainly planned on it being.

We then proceeded to wander around, looking for something delicious to snack on, when we stumbled upon...

Oh, hey, the Parthenon!

Square around the Parthenon:

Quick shot inside the Parthenon (they were kind of closing, so had to get in and get out).

Then after some horribly overpriced dinner (in the tourist part of Rome, big surprise), we wandered upon this lovely fountain (Trevi?):

Making a wish (if you make a wish while throwing the coin behind you, it means that not only will your wish be granted, but you shall also return to Rome. So I was sure not to wish to return to Rome).

There was then a bit of confusion as to where we should go next/how to get there...

Finally, we settled upon the Spanish Steps...

...where we were accosted by dozens of street venders with annoying little spinny tops and beer.

Ah, Rome.


Pat Tillett said...

I am so envious of you right now! I'm glad to see you are having a good time. You are taking some great shots (the flower....meh!).
I had no idea the Colosseum looked that awesome at ground level...
keep it up and enjoy your time in Spain!

Eleni said...

Great photos! Such amazing sites. I'd love to see the Parthenon and the Colosseum one day.

Any idea what the tablet thing says? Doesn't help that they hadn't invented spaces yet.

Kara said...

Oh, I LOVE Rome. It's overwhelming how MUCH history is there. It blew my mind thinking how old things there are. The Parthenon was one of my favorites because of the juxtaposition of its various histories. Oh, yeah, and the gelato... (Better in Florence than Rome, though!)

Tabs A. Geek said...

I am so incredibly jealous of you.

I think I got a little wet just looking at the pictures.

soft nonsense said...

Pat - My shots are amateur at best, they mostly consist of taking them whilst power walking (some members of my group don't appreciate a leisurely, European/tourist pace!). And I had just read your post where you ashamedly put up a picture of a flower, so I felt compelled :)

Eleni - Likely a concession stand menu.

Kara - Apparently the fact that it was 'Christianized' is part of the reason it was so well preserved. Had they not converted the inside into a seeming warehouse for artwork and statues, it likely would have turned to rubble.

Tabs - Ooohh know I know what gets my readers goin'...

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