Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Orientation Weekend Travels (Assisi, Ravenna, San Marino)

Don't worry my dear readers, I am slowly but surely creeping my way back to actually current adventures. I'm still rocking information from a week ago, but at least it's not a week and a half ago, right? That's something to be proud of.


Anywho, after our first couple of days in the city, our administrators decided that we hadn't traveled around enough that week. So, off to our orientation in Rome. Which, of course, entailed going to three places in Italy that weren't Rome. Oh wells!

(This is a long one, but it's mostly pretty pictures. Hang in there.)

First spot in our three-day excursion: the beautiful Assisi (click to enlarge).

The beautiful Basilica in a town right outside:

They have real monks there and everything! (it's from the back because I felt awkward trying to take a picture where he was looking at me. I'm a pro creeper.

View from Assisi:

Basilica of St. Frances:

I'd say that this was a shot down a historic street, but as you'll soon see, they're ALL historic...

St. Francis himself, bein' all emo and whatnot.

This, the newest building in that section of the town, was built in 1477. Cue history nerd boner:

Me, hugging a wall that had been there since the Romans in 100 AD. *awkward tingling sensation*

And what Italian day trip would be complete without some yummy gelato?



Day 2: Ravenna

Church of St. Somethingorother, Patron Saint of Ostentatiousness

Italy, doing its best "wall of an Italian restaurant" impression:

Tomb of poet Dante Alighieri.*

*Quick history nerd point: a few centuries ago, the Vatican wanted to move Dante's body to Rome. The monks at the church next door said "Hell no," stole and hid the body via a secret passage, and kept it hidden until the last 1800's. *funny quip to make that seem less lame*

Next basilica:

And that's where my camera's batteries died. Therefore, I couldn't capture the rest of that day (you're welcome, those of you still sticking around) or the next in San Marino (WHERE THEY HAD A KILL BILL SWORD), but here's a video from my friend's travel documentary that he took at the top of the castle.

(You may recognize the beyotch in the brown shirt being afraid for his life)

Trailer #1 from Mike Cabellon on Vimeo.


Eleni said...

Haha, fun video. That is quite high. I would not have been pleased if one of my friends had stepped up there. Surprising they even let people go there without something to block jumpers.

That photo totally looks like something from the walls of an Italian restaurant. Go figure.

I laughed out loud at the emo St. Francis.

There is something awe-inspiring about touching something as ancient as a Roman wall from 100 A.D.

Very cool sights you've seen!

Pat Tillett said...

Thanks for a grea photo tour of a place I may never see! I love history myself.

That video scared the heck out of me! I would NEVER climb up on that thing like your friend did...never!

soft nonsense said...

Eleni - I think they assume that once you see that view, you don't feel like jumping anymore...

Pat - Good god no. You saw my reaction...and I was only barely playing it up for the camera. Nearly poo-ed myself.

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