Saturday, August 7, 2010


This week has been RIDONKULOUS in its epicness, hence the lack of posts, but I promise to all of you that once everything calms down I'll have a hell of a post for you all (sharks...Gaga...what more could you want?).


My friend Mike and I will be broadcasting live from Lollapalooza today from 11am-3pm Central. You've seen all of my setlists since January, so you should have a decent idea of what we play at our station, and if you're interested (or want to find out my real first name!), tune in at our website. We'll have live sets played by some sweet bands followed by interviews, various features, and all sorts of lovely radio goodies. Support community radio (88.7 WLUW BABAY), your favorite blogger (me), and America.

And then you can stop listening at 3 if you want, as Ex-Girlfriend goes on then. Not that I'm asking for you all to boycott her show or anything. I'm just saying, it's an option.


Eleni said...

Your real first name? Didn't we already know it? Oh, it used to be on 20sb, right.

Very cool. I guess this is the last half hour; it's 9:30 here.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I missed it :(

Pat Tillett said...

You have a first name?
I'll check it out. It will be nice to see some of your great writing and humor again!

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