Friday, August 27, 2010

In Need of Advice/Opinions

So now that I have been in Roma for 24+ hours, I have a question for you all: how would you like to hear about my adventures?

Like I said last post, my content will certainly not be entirely Rome-centric over the next few months, but being in a foreign country tends to absorb one's thoughts. So, obviously there will be a multitude of posts about Roma. But if I'm going to write them, I'd like for my family/friends to be able to see the (non-scandalous versions) of my experience here. So here are my options:

I. Just post on here, but with a lack of profanity, stories of drunkenness, etc (not at all a good option)
II. Create a new blog onto my existing blogger account
a) Just expect you guys to read over there too
b) Post the cooler, more profane versions over here (slightly more work)
III. Create a new blogger account completely, expose my true identity to all of you, and do either of the "a" or "b" options above
IV. Use my school's blog site and figure stuff out


Fun story of the day: between last night's attempt at ordering something in Italian for the first time (yummy chocolate gelato) and an "Emergency Italian" class for rtards like myself, I've decided that my Italian is somewhere between the level of Aldo Raine/Bradd Pitt in Inglourious Basterds and just speaking in Spanish. Seriously, I can do okay until I hear the word "si", then it all goes to hell.


Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I vote you blog about EVERYTHING here. This blog is more or less about your life and stuff so why not share all your moments here.

Again yeah, the other seems like too much work.

Amber said...

I also think you should blog about everything here.

But if you do start another blog, I'll definitely read it.

soft nonsense said...

I've started a new blog. Haven't posted anything on it yet, and will be trying to operate both to some extent, even if it is to post a link on here with the more lurid details. We'll see how it goes,it's still in the design phase.

Pat Tillett said...

just do whatever you want...
I'll check it out either way

soft nonsense said...

I'll def update here, and probably post the boring ones elsewhere. More work, but so be it!

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