Friday, August 27, 2010

In Need of Advice/Opinions

So now that I have been in Roma for 24+ hours, I have a question for you all: how would you like to hear about my adventures?

Like I said last post, my content will certainly not be entirely Rome-centric over the next few months, but being in a foreign country tends to absorb one's thoughts. So, obviously there will be a multitude of posts about Roma. But if I'm going to write them, I'd like for my family/friends to be able to see the (non-scandalous versions) of my experience here. So here are my options:

I. Just post on here, but with a lack of profanity, stories of drunkenness, etc (not at all a good option)
II. Create a new blog onto my existing blogger account
a) Just expect you guys to read over there too
b) Post the cooler, more profane versions over here (slightly more work)
III. Create a new blogger account completely, expose my true identity to all of you, and do either of the "a" or "b" options above
IV. Use my school's blog site and figure stuff out


Fun story of the day: between last night's attempt at ordering something in Italian for the first time (yummy chocolate gelato) and an "Emergency Italian" class for rtards like myself, I've decided that my Italian is somewhere between the level of Aldo Raine/Bradd Pitt in Inglourious Basterds and just speaking in Spanish. Seriously, I can do okay until I hear the word "si", then it all goes to hell.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ciao, Belles

Well ladies and gentlemen of the nonsense, the time has finally come. After months of gestating, deciding, worrying, forgetting, (and roughly 4 hours of actual preparation), the time has come for me to pack my bags for Rome. My flight leaves at 3:35pm today (Wednesday) from O'Hare airport. Then, 9 hours later, my life will likely change forever.

I promised myself that I would try and blog long before today came. Then, as per usual, life came. I worked and worked, my sister and mom came up to Chicago to visit/help me pack, I kind of fell for a girl (four days before I leave, well done bud), tried to throw an ill-advised and last-second going away party for myself and a couple of other Rome-ing friends (while seeing mostly people I didn't who know or didn't particularly care about my leaving), and more packing*.

*packing, n.: gerund form of 'pack': to identify large piles of things that you believe should PROBABLY be packed, opening a bag at the end of the table they are sitting on, and sweeping the lot into your carry-on bag with a prayer but no second glance.

Getting to this point has been....interesting. From not originally being able to decide on a locale (originally going to Spain, complete with immersive classes and a home stay, but then I remembered that I couldn't speak Spanish above a 3rd grade reading level) to always being about 3 months behind the rest of the group in my application process to getting my visa on MONDAY*, all of two days before I left the country for a semester. I really, truly, could not have handled it worse and still been accepted to go.

*A fun story in itself. Late last week I went to the Italian consulate after a night of poring over every scrap of paper in my possession that had the word "Rome" on it, going over and over the list I was given by our study abroad office that included all of the things I would need to get my visa. As I was at a friend's place (with the aforementioned girl, but different story), I didn't have my passport or my passport photos. I spent the night there after a long and intense game of Risk, knowing where both documents were and feeling confident in my preparedness.

The next morning, I went back to my apartment, showered, got all my stuff together, and headed over to the consulate. After a 30 minutes bus ride and 15 minutes of confused waiting around despite there being no one ahead of me in line, I finally got put in the right place. In front of me was a young gentleman about my age, talking about how this was his fifth visit to the consulate because he had kept having an incomplete application and all that...only to realize that he was still missing something having to do with finances.

"Ha, what a fool," I thought to myself smugly. "If only he had prepared like me and gone over his check list seventeen times, he wouldn't be in this situation!"



So that was fun, and really a perfect microcosm of my incompetence during the entirety of this process.

But by God, the Italians have let me into their country (so far - must not have looked into the Noodle Incident of 1999), and so I am leaving the country for the first time in my life aside from two visits to Canada for four months without knowing a lick of Italian* and couldn't be more excited/frightened/nervous/twitchy about it.

*For the record and in my defense, this was in part due to the fact that I was supposed to get Rosetta Stone from a certain ex-lady friend. %#$*er.

I don't know how the sudden change of continent will effect this blog (except for the fact that my late night blog posts will now appear normal for you all), as I won't have as many nerdy things to riff on. It may temporarily take a photoblog/personal exploration vibe to it, but I can assure you that it will continue to have the same low-quality, low-brow, and low-standard writing and humor you all know and love. Stick around for the ride, hopefully it will continue being worth it.

And tell your friends.


To wrap up the post, here is a list of things that I will miss whilst abroad:

-Hulu and Netflix instant streaming
-New seasons of the Venture Brothers, How I Met Your Mother
-Comic books - though I've decided that it is my mission to search for a Roman comic book store, if for no other reason than for peace of mind and to know there are dozens of us. DOZENS!!!
-Beginning of 'Walking Dead' series - wow...missing comic books, new shows, AND a new comic book show? About ZOMBIES?! Screw you life
-The newspaper - I'm hopeless...
-Free music from the radio station
-All the new friends I've made this summer - Not having a girlfriend has opened up new social opportunities, and I became much, much closer friends with a lot of people. Being the type of person who is always afraid of being the instigator of hangage due to my fear of being incredibly boring, I don't want to lose what little progress I've made)
-Chicago - I mean...come on. Who doesn't love Chitown?

But I guess Rome will be cool too...and London...and Cairo...and Greece...maybe Ireland...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New Daddies?

For today's post, I'd like to offer a brief, yet heartfelt plea not for deliverance, but instead for a better life.

"What's that Softy?" I hear you ask. "You've demonstrated time and time again that your life is at its lowest usually pretty solid, and at its best mind-meltingly legen.....wait for it.....dary? What could you possibly want to change so badly?"

Well, dear concerned readers, not much.

Except for everything.

Because you see a bit of celebrity news hit me this morning. On my way to work yesterday (which was cancelled), I grabbed a free Red Eye newspaper as I walked past, intending on doing the crossword later. There, on the back of the paper with blather about Hilary Duff getting married and some nonsense about Snookie, read the story that would change what I want in life forever...


Neil Patrick Harris and his longtime partner, chef and actor David Burtka, are going to be parents. 'So, get this: David and I are expecting twins this fall.,' Harris tweeted Saturday. 'We're super excited/nervous/thrilled.' says the couple;s children are due via surrogate in October. Cutest dads ever!"


Dear Neil and David,

Of all the Hollywood couples out there (the Brangelinas, the TomKats, Billary, Spederline, Tamantha - Tom Hanks and Samantha Lewes, OBVI), you two are one of my favorites (David Patrick Burtkis). When I found out about your impending adoption of twins later this fall, I was overjoyed that two of the most deserving men in showbiz would get a chance to rear children.

David, I'll start with you: you began first as a (rather unsuccessful) actor, with your major roles coming as a first-name-only intern for one episode of the West Wing in 2002 and as Scooter on How I Met Your Mother (a spot you, well, more than kind of got because you were going out with Neil). Which is still respectable: you gave it your all and did what you loved, even when that big break didn't come. But even more respectably, you found another thing you loved, cooking, and turned THAT into your life. Now you're an acclaimed chef (everyone loves a daddy who can cook!) and supporting your significant other during his own stint as a semi-successful actor. That willingness to try new things and still succeed would be a good role model for any child.

Neil, I was too young to see your greatness as Doogie Howser, MD, but fell in love with you through Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog and How I Met Your Mother (with, admittedly, a little Harold and Kumar and Starship Troopers sprinkled in). You are even my #2 on my "Man Five," a list of male celebrities that I would A) Go gay for in a heartbeat and B) Would expect any significant other of mine to understand my decision either to sleep with and/or begin a relationship with said member of the Man Five without a pause. You are hilarious, charming, and seemingly just a quality human being. Your joy for your craft and for your life (undoubtedly) inspire those who have met you (though I have not).

And so it gladdens me to see that two quality people such as yourselves (no matter what anyone says on the issue of homosexuality etc.) are taking the responsibility of caring for a pair of lives in this crazy world. But why stop there?

Laugh all you will at them, Hollywood's number one power couple right now is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Not only are they a very talented pair of people (much like yourselves), both ridiculously good-looking (ditto on you:)

But they have also adopted children of their own, and done so with such gusto that they have become almost famous for it. Their philanthropy and caring hearts have shown that adopting is a healthy, normal, and encouragable thing to do. My own siblings were adopted, in fact (though no influence by Brangelina, just for the record), so I respect your decision more than most. So I call upon the both of you to not only set an example for the rest of the gay community, but for the rest of the world.

Now, am I suggesting that you start adopting babies teenage girls hoard Jonas Brothers paraphernalia? Of course not. But you need to make a statement. One bold, sweeping adoption that would change the way people look at homosexual adoption forever.

Neil and David, I invite you to make me your adopted gay love baby.

Now hear me out. I know the whole "wanting a piece of NPH's sexy Doogie Booty" thing I have going on might be a little awkward. But don't worry, I'm sure that as soon as I begin to look at him as a father (mother?) figure, that attraction will turn into admiration of beauty, like people who have MILFs. In addition, it would set a precedent. People always want cute, adorable, newborn babies when they are adopting, just like people want fresh-faced puppies when they go to the pet store. But by adopting a 20-year-old college student, you will say to the world, "Children of all ages need love and guidance!"

And then I'll move in with you (just for the breaks and whatnot, nothing drastic), and you'll teach me how to cook and how to suit up and the difference between a blucher and oxford shoe.

Don't get me wrong, New Daddies, I love my family. And I shall think of them fondly as you introduce me to the entire casts of How I Met Your Mother and Top Chef Masters and teach me magic tricks.

And I'd be the best son. I know that I could learn so much from you two, and I think that you could learn from me as well. I hold you both in such high regard, and can tell how deeply you two are in love. We already have so much in common (I love movies, am easily fooled by magic, and eat). I can even help raise my new baby brother and sister! I already do lots of things that might make you proud, like volunteer at my school's radio station and work for our newspaper and express myself creatively through my writing and volunteering. And with your guidance (and actor/chef salaries), you would open new doors for me that I never dreamed possible (like a pool-sized jacuzzi in my room...or a general sense of fashion beyond hoodies).

So please, do what's best for everyone. Reach out into the world and pluck a new ward like a pair of fabulous Batmen to mold into your image.

...But only if I can be your spandex-wearing Robin.

Love and Hopefully Yours (Pending the Paperwork),
Soft Nonsense

(But my Daddies can call me Softy!)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My - Epic - Life In (Mostly) Pictures (Again)

Also titled: I had so much shit to do this week that I wanted to devote a blog post to that I got overwhelmed, panicked (complete with fetal position rocking) and now I have a lot of sweet I need to write about that's a little outdated but still worth mentioning because of it's epicness despite my inability to write entertainingly at the moment.

Part 1: The start of the most-viewed holiday special of all time*

It's the most...wonderfuul tiiiiime!

...of the yyyeeeaaarrr!

With the kids in terror yelling
And everyone telling you "TV's blocked by your rear"
It's the most wonderful time of the year!
It's the hap-happiest week of them all
With those seawater greetings and teeth-filled meetings
When sharks come to caaaallll!
It's the hap-happiest season of all!

In cast you missed it (loser), the week before last was shark week. Being the large nerds my friends and I are, we decided to make baked goods to commemorate the holiest of holy periods. Like Jewish people and their cracker bread.

*Yes, I count Shark Week as both one gigantic television special as well as asserts that Shark Week is, in fact, a holiday. Believe it.

Part 2: Continuation of Shark Week Festivities

I have already detailed my less than three feelings for god-awful movies on this blog, so it should surprise none of my lovely, beautiful readers that I celebrated SW2010 with such fare with my friends. May I present to you Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus:

The plot is simple enough: two giant prehistoric creatures (a Mega Shark and Giant Octopus, obvs) become unfrozen after an iceberg trapped them amid an ancient battle and begin terrorizing the globe. The finest scientists in the world (whose main skills are apparently having sex with one another and mixing test tubes filled with different colored liquids together) soon realize that only one thing can stop the terror: each other. This moment and many more like it (such as references to the creatures being horny after 100 million years).*

*Blogger's note: Someone at Unreality decided to calculate the speed, velocity, etc of the shark's jump in the above-posted video, and is worth a look just to marvel at the numbers.

There happened to be enough leftovers of the Shark Cake, but at this point it read "Happy Sh Week," and I deemed that an unenthusiastic celebration of quietness was not picture-worthy.

Part 3: War

I have a number of responses to different negative stimuli. When angrily confronted, I become defensive. When made fun of, I either say terrible things about the offender's mother/sister/general female ancestry or shut down. When I am, say, invited to my ex-girlfriend's going away shindig and (not surprisingly) semi-ignored after having the stones to attend, I generally do something immature and yet cool to remind myself how awesome I am, like not-at-all-silently lip synching along to every Queen or Tenacious D song ever made or buying a boatload of comic books.

This time around, I decided to meet up with a couple friends to throw down in the ultimate juvenile battlefield: Nerfdom. My weapon of choice? The N-Strike Recon, of course. Complete with scope, laser sight, and extra clip.


Also, this fight may have sprayed onto the streets, where we picked off some people we knew walking by the Chipotle we were sitting outside of. And may or may not have also been located at least in part inside of a grocery store. So there's that.

Part 4: I'm famous, bitchezzz

And now for the section that caused the load time for all of your browsers to quadruple...

As a few of you know, my partner Mike and I were two of the lucky few DJs at my college radio station that were selected to DJ at Chicago's biggest music festival, Lollapalooza, and here are a few pics of the 1.08 days I was there.

First, Gagapalooza on Friday night:

Yeah, that's pretty much as close as I got. I'm not a huge Lady Gaga fan, but seeing her live was more than worth skipping out on the Strokes for the evening (especially fo free). Particularly when she created a hairspray flamethrower onstage. Mike and I also got to simultaneously add and cross off doing the entirety of the "Bad Romance" dance live at one of her shows on or bucket lists.

The next day, Mike and I did our four hour shift (thanks for all of you who tuned in!)

Oh haiiiiii! ^_^

Mmmm banterlicious.

The Constellations, one of the nicest, most badass bands you'll ever meet, was kind enough to sit down for an interview with us. They were originally going to play a couple of songs for us, but their lead singer (left, next to the stunning, non-Asian gentleman in white) had lost his voice. Lame sauce.

The gloriously British Jamie Lidell. Kind of a combination of the Daily Show's John Olliver and Aldous Snow. The man has some serious soul to his singing, and I can't recommend enough that you give him a listen. He was so full of crazy energy, in fact, that during a "slow" song he broke the stool that he was sitting on because of how much he was shaking to the music:

Also, he soloed with an equally awesomely bearded man down in the crowd. Which was awesome.

We also got to make....

....wait for it....

Are you ready for this 90s kids?

Freaking' shrinky dinks.

And yes, I made one about the radio station. Not sucking up, just showing enthusiasm.

Spoon playing one of my favorite songs, 'The Underdog.'

Terrible picture of the fantastic Phoenix. Damn those Frenchies for putting on a swell show without me being able to get pictures.

So great success!

Part 4 Pt. 2: Laughing at protestors

Now, as I am from the state of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church (famous for their website, and protests of pretty much everything ever) AND being around one of the bigger gay communities in America, I've seen my fair share of ridiculous protests. And, like there is at anything worthwhile here in the Midwest, there was of course protestors outside of Lolla. As Mike and I were walking to go grab some Noodles & Company after our set, we saw a group espousing fairly generic "women should stay in the kitchens and not be allowed to vote/drive*" and "gay people suck**" and the like. We weren't really phased by it, only using it as fodder to make witty comments to attractive women standing right by us ("Like...oh mai gawwwd! Can you belieeeve thiss??").

*My time at an all-guys high school is telling me that I should make a joke here, but knowing full well that most of my readership is of the female persuasion, I shall refrain.


Until we saw this, that is.

Originally, our (my) nerd blood boiled. How DARE this man besmirch the good name of Star Wars in such a public place. Luke was only whiney because he wanted to go to the Toshi station to pick up some power converters! Darth Vader is one of the greatest villains of all time! Most people don't even consider the prequels to be real movies, let alone part of the canon! And who hasn't wanted to have a lightsaber or have the power to force choke a beyotch when you find their lack of faith disturbing?

But then we (I) realized something important: that this person, who claims to not like Star Wars, is already too far gone as a person to waste anger upon him. Clearly, he has no soul, and therefore should only be pitied. So we (both of us this time) took our free pita chips and hummus (in sketchy sandwich bags, but we thought nothing of it) and left giggling and thinking about how Han totally shot first (or I did).

Part 5: Costume Party

Unfortunately, there are no pictures available for this event, as almost none of them are appropriate, either because of nipple exposure (male, not mine), general drunkenness (bigendered, not me), and a gross sweat sheen (everyone, but particularly me). My costume did involve a Rick Astley t-shirt, so I'll let you use your imagination.

Part 6: Home

Pt. 1: KC Barbecue

An approximation not of how much food my family ordered, but instead how much I ate. Hooray meat.

Pt. 2: Starcraft 2

I had been counting down the months for this game to finally launch, then dragged my feet on buying it until a couple days ago, in part because I didn't have 60 bucks to spare and didn't want to be obsessed with it when I got to Rome (more on that later). Then three found Target gift cards and some peer pressure later from a friend later, I was the proud owner.


Pt. 3: SCOTT PILGRIM MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something I had been REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY looking forward to, Edgar Wright's Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, based off of the comic book series that basically rules my life, finally came out on Friday. Unfortunately, I got in to Kansas City late, so I couldn't partake in the midnight showing, but went to the first available the next day. Possible review coming tomorrow if I have the time/energy/don't think it's too outdated.

Baww. Awkward love.


And so that's all for tonight/this morning folks. Hope it wasn't too rambly/giant/offensive, but it's 4am so I'm getting the hell to bed. I promise that I'll blog more ofte....

...wait, what's the date?


Um, so...

Apparently I leave for Rome in 10 days now. Still don't have a visa, or even all of my stuff together. Plus still have 3 more orientations the next week and a half, plus office hours every day.

Ho boy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


This week has been RIDONKULOUS in its epicness, hence the lack of posts, but I promise to all of you that once everything calms down I'll have a hell of a post for you all (sharks...Gaga...what more could you want?).


My friend Mike and I will be broadcasting live from Lollapalooza today from 11am-3pm Central. You've seen all of my setlists since January, so you should have a decent idea of what we play at our station, and if you're interested (or want to find out my real first name!), tune in at our website. We'll have live sets played by some sweet bands followed by interviews, various features, and all sorts of lovely radio goodies. Support community radio (88.7 WLUW BABAY), your favorite blogger (me), and America.

And then you can stop listening at 3 if you want, as Ex-Girlfriend goes on then. Not that I'm asking for you all to boycott her show or anything. I'm just saying, it's an option.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Who Got Hand-Selected to DJ At Lollapalooza?


I was thinking of all sorts of awesome and hilarious ways to break the news...keep you on the edge of your seats, anticipating what news I could possibly be about to break....

But then I said fuck it, and wanted to get straight to to the celebration:

My radio station got an award from Toyota for being awesome in the ways of community radio, including 10 large ones, our own stage to book artists to play acoustic sets, and twelve DJs get to play live on the stage, interview bands, and the like.

Ad, oh wait, did I mention that you are familiar with one of said lucky few? One of the 12 people who were specially selected by our station manager to do all these awesome things and represent WLUW to thousands of people?

Cuz it's...


If you're planning on going, be sure to check out the WLUW Stage (brought to you by the fine folks at Toyota), particularly 11am-3pm, then stop by to solve the soft nonsense identity mystery.

So I got that goin' for me.


Two quick bits of nerdy nonsense:

For all you Twatters out there, a new trending topic that my lovely nerd blog army might enjoy taking advantage of. In the spirit of the "Wiki Leaks" fiasco a week or two ago in which over 90,000 documents were released that revealed all sorts of terrible (and alleged) things about the war in Afghanistan. As anything serious in this world should be treated, nerds united to make a mockery of it. #wookieleaks was born, in which fake Tweets regarding leaked secrets from the Empire from Star Wars. Some favorites include "Han did not shoot first, Massive Imperial coverup revealed." and "Imperial-targeted 'insurgents' on Endor actually adorable Ewoks."

Second, there's this:


And now, for the first time in quite awhile, a good old-fashioned Nostalgia Music Monday. A song that I can finally play now that I'm single, something that was ALL the rage way back in 4th grade (sorry older readers if that dates you horribly):

(Now 4 was a damn fine album.)

The Best Worst Movie

In the seven* months I've been writing this blog, it's been a lot of things. Personal tribulations, self-exploration, occasionally news reactions, and nerdy news and culture. Okay, almost entirely nerdy stuff.

*Holy shit, seven??

I've touched on pretty much every part of my geekery, but one of the most underrepresented aspects of my nerd-dom is my intense love of bad movies. Like burns with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns love. Sometimes, I would almost watch a horrible movie that I can laugh at with my friends than an award-winning (yet often depressing) film of much high cultural value. There's just something....hilarious about seeing a movie where everything is so painstakingly wrong, despite the best intentions and legitimate effort of all those involved.

And in my years, I've seen a slew of, quite frankly, shitty movies. In fact, my coworkers and I have even organized viewing parties to such fare (almost universally coinciding with drinking games, which are always fun for sober people such as myself and stories in and of themselves). Some favorites include Leprechaun in the Hood (a the hood...killin' fools...), Jolly Roger: Massacre At Cutter's Cove (undead pirate murderballs the descendants of his old crew), Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (giant animals murderball everything, including a god damn plane), Theodore Rex (Whoopi Goldberg in a buddy cop movie...with a T Rex....), Dead Snow (a Norwegian movie combining two of my favorite genres, Nazis and create Nazi zombies...or zombie Nazis, your call - with lots of speed metal as background music), the meme-inspiring Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2, and Maximum Overdrive (machines killing the hell out of people).

But through it all, no movie has been able to really capture the god-awfulness of one towering inferno of flaming doggy-do on a doorstep quite like a little film called Troll 2.

To describe Troll 2 is to do it injustice. Like so many movies of its kind, it's perfect blend of nonsensical storyline, terrible acting, confusing directing, and terrible acting reach such disparaging levels that it can hardly be put into words. The basic outline of the story is that the Waits family goes on vacation to a small town named Nilbog, only to find the inhabitants very odd. No food in Nilbog appears to be normal, and their youngest son continues to see their recently deceased grandfather, who warns them about danger in the town. Soon it is discovered that the residents therein are actually vegetarian goblins (get it! Nilbog! Yucka yucka) who poison visitors' food to turn them into plans to eat.

Now, I can't go into all the great parts to this movie in full, but here are some highlights of both the movie and the production:

-An awkward popcorn-related sex scene.
-A little kid peeing on food so that his family won't eat it.
-The language barrier between the Italian director and writer and the hickish castmembers was so great that they only rarely understood one another ( shows).
-Despite its name, Troll 2 has exactly zero trolls in it. It was named to piggyback off of the (apparently) popularity of the first Troll, yet had nothing to do with the plot of the original. Same with Troll 3.
-It was originally written by the director's wife because a number of her friends had become vegetarian and it pissed her off, so she wanted to write a story in which vegetarians were evil.
-No members of the cast ever got the full script at any point in the filming process.
-It has been voted the "Worst Movie Of All Time" on multiple lists.

But still, I can't really capture it without showing you the trailer:

And if that wasn't enough, here is one of the most famous moments of the movie, highlighting, well, pretty much Troll 2 in a nutshell.

*Note: Fly on the forehead doesn't effect glory of performance in the least.

Now, as much as I love sharing things like this with you, my loyal and lovely readers, it does have some topical value: last Friday I went to a double feature movie at Chicago's Music Box Theater showing Troll 2 and a documentary the actor who played the youngest son created called "The Best Worst Movie," which showed what all the cast members did now, how crazy some of them had become, and explored how and why Troll 2 suddenly arose to cult classic status. It was an oddly poignant and deep movie, good for even those who had never seen the movie it revolved around. We were even treated to a guest appearance by a producer of the doc as well as George Hardy, the father (now a dentist). Trailer:

So moral of the story: if you enjoy camp, bad (not gory) horror movies, or have a pressing desire to get shwasty-faced (again, I don't partake, but I hear that's what these crazy kids are calling it nowadays) and need an excuse, be sure to check out Troll 2. Better yet, check it out with a bunch of friends. Or better yet, in a giant movie theater with a hundred other fans.


Weekly playlist (a few days late...)

Wolfmother - Vagabond
Think About Life - Set You On Fire
Tokyo Police Club - Favourite Colour
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Paul Newman's Eyes
BOAT - We Want It! We Want It!
These United States - Water & Wheat
Menomena - TAOS
The Constellations - Perfect Day*
The Henry Clay People - Your Famous Friends
Stanley Ross - Here With Me
Sia - Clap Your Hands
The Minor Leagues - Projection of a Person
Adam Green - What Makes Him Act So Bad
22-20s - Talk to Me

*Quick sidenote: I originally grabbed this CD with the intent of playing another song off of the album, 'Felicia.' However, that was before realizing that the song was definitely an ode to a woman who was skilled in the field of using one's mouth in the carnal persuasion. Knowing the FCC looks down upon such lewd acts, I decided against it.

Instead, for you non-judgemental and, let's face it, rather corrupted listening and viewing pleasure, is 'Felicia,' complete with lyrics!