Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Biggest Disappointment in My Life

How can I go on like this?

Life isn't &%$*ing fair.

I go through all this @#&, and this is how life treats me?

After all the slogging through all this for so long, all that patience, all that understanding, all for this?

You've betrayed me, Bryan Lee O'Malley.


Dear Readers, you know how long I've been counting down the days until the release of the 6th installment of my beloved, dearest, grand Scott Pilgrim comic book series. Practically since day one of this blog for goodness sake. And what day was I counting down until?

July 20th.

And what day is it today?

...damn straight.

So, as distraught as I was to discover that I had to work from 6:45am to 6:30pm and therefore was unable to read it until late today. I had waited for months for it to come back into my life, I could wait a bit longer. My roommate even took an early lunch from his job to pick up an apartment copy the second the comic book store opened, promised me I'd get second read, and swore by his life that he wouldn't reveal anything.

And so, I waited.

I talked with all my nerdy friends at work about how awesome Scott is. I had never been more in love, and it showed. I brightened up any time he was mentioned, and dimmed a little when conversation turned elsewhere. I was completely, and utterly, in love, and couldn't wait to see him later today.

But then, I got a text.

And what did it say?

"Scott Pilgrim doesn't hit stores until tomorrow. It shipped today."

My reaction (a dramatic re-enactment):

First, stunned silence.


Then, the gravity of the situation hit me.


Soon, I devolved into complete hysterics.


After about an hour, I dipped into quiet whimpering.


Then, I remembered something!


I have tomorrow off, so I can go myself and buy it and read it IMMEDIATELY. And so, I wait.

*apparently zombified wait face*

You're worth it Scott. Just don't hurt me again. I couldn't bear it.


Eleni said...

Hahaha, I love your various faces. I hope tomorrow is everything you dream it to be.

Pat Tillett said...

will you be sitting in a trance until tomorrow morning?

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's a terrible ending

soft nonsense said...

Eleni - Me too, friend. Me too...

Pat - Well, with my sleep patterns, that would be a sharp improvement on night-time patterns, so might as well.

Anon - I, sir/madam, shall be the judge of that!

Margaret said...

I was like that with Stumptown #1.

"Isn't it this week? It's this week. It's NEXT week? ARRRGH!"

Ambiguous Geek said...

Hahaha Awesome faces. I think the last one looks less Zombiefied, and more like you've just seen the holy grail and finally learned the meaning of life. Haha.

Ambiguous Geek said...

Then agian. We all know the meaning of life is 42... so I guess there's nothing new to discover there.

soft nonsense said...

Margaret - Stumptown? Explain.

Geek - Maybe that would be my face if I had had a major breakthrough on what the question of life is?

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