Friday, July 23, 2010

And to You, Joss Whedon, I Say Go &%$#@ Yourself*


I was first introduced to Joss Whedon, one of the best science fiction geekoids out there. The man lives the life that most of us nerds (me especially) would kill thousands of Romulans, Cylons, Ewoks, mint-condition comics, vampires (especially those ^$#*@ing Cullens) and one Seth Green to do what he does. The man is responsible for Buffy, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, wrote Toy Story and Titan A.E., numerous great comic book titles, and is working on both the Captain America and The Avengers movies. I've loved pretty much every single thing that he's ever been a part of. He is basically the Amun-Ra of today's geek population.

But seriously, %&$# that guy.

But softy, you say, you've gone on the record on more than one occasion expressing your deep man-crush for said piece of %&$-guzling $%$#@&ing #@$%er c%$(). What's the deal?

Well, i all started a couple days ago, as I finished up my first-ever viewing of his series Firefly.

Now I know what you're thinking. I'm too even-keeled of a person to base my hatred off of only one series. And if I hated it so much, why did I watch all of it? Well, quite frankly, I %&$#ing loved that $+@. Firefly is now right up there on my list of best %$#)ing TV shows of all $!@+ing time.

Of all @!$^&ING TIME.

And by the time I finished the 14 episodes (seriously, $%_# Fox), I couldn't wait to see the movie that followed, Serenity. I was so, so excited to see how Mr. (%&$#ing) Whedon would finish his epic sci-fi masterpiece. And the longer I watched, the more I loved.

Until, that is, this happened.

Joss Whedon....what the %*&?!?!!!

I understood when Shepherd died. He gets to keep all his mystery, big turning point for Mal to do what's right, impart some last words of wisdom, yadda yadda yadda.

But Wash?

%&^ you.

Hoban Washburne was $*& fine pilot, a classy guy, and had a lot of spunk. He and his wife Zoe (who, admittedly, came out looking even more like a badass when she took out her absent-husband filled rage on some punk-$#@ &$%@ Reavers) were a beautiful couple, and he helped keep her level. At a practical level, he still offered boatloads of comic relief and the occasional inspiration.

And you ^$#@*ing killed him.

You had succeeded in reprogramming my mind into no longer automatically calling Alan Tudyk "Steve the Pirate." DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT &%$(ING MEANS?!

And you harpooned him. Not even a death monologue. Maybe the Reavers got to him before the end of the movie, who knows? And now we're out one fine man. I hate you so mother %$#(ing much you piece of $#@ ^$% dumpster.


Now I need something nerdy and awesome (AND HAPPY AND NON-PIRATE-KILLING) to offset all that hate.

Hmmm. Guitar shaped like MIllenium Falcon. That's close...but need a little more.

Pixar now working with Jason Segel on a new Muppets movie? Yeah, that's getting my inner-nerd pretty hot and bothered. But Wash was so awesome, and I thought Joss Whedon was so excellent...

Yup. Okay. Better now. My faith in the nerd world has been restored.


Radio playlist:

The Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1
The New Pornographers - Myriad Harbor
Steel Train - Bullet
The Magnetic Fields - You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
Menomena - TAOS
The Arcade Fire - Rebellion (Lies)
Wolf Parade - Palm Road
The Avett Brothers - Slight Figure of Speech
The Lost Fingers - You Shook Me All Night Long
Dan Sartain - Ruby Carol
Skybox - Slipping
The Mountain Goats - No Children
Rotary Downs - Wild Pink in Super 8
The Fruit Bats - The Ruminant Band
The Faint - Desperate Guys

I try to pick out songs that are really good to link, but apparently all of the first ones were good enough. So good set I guess. Especially love the Mountain Goats track, even through it's lyrics are rather depressing.




Eleni said...

DON'T REMIND ME! La la la I can't hear you. Oh dear.

Well, Joss Whedon never really had a problem with killing off lovable characters; he's done it in just about everything else. He said that he had Wash killed off so that we'd know this was serious and believe that anyone--maybe everyone--could die, keeping us on the edge of our seats. But it's terribly upsetting. Shatters hope for a sequel revival of the series, though I guess there wasn't much hope for that anyway. The real tragedy was the early cancellation of the show. Just about the best show ever. Should have had many seasons, rather than a half season and a movie. What can you do?

soft nonsense said...

Plus Penny from Dr. Horrible. But that also made sense. Wash?

Nay nay.

The Illustrious D said...

One day, someone seriously needs to explain to you what the $, #, @, ! and & keys really mean.

BufE 4 layeef!

Sadako said...

Have never seen this, but sucks that he killed off a character you liked.

Ambiguous Geek said...

*cries* You just brought back up all the pain that I had managed to bottle away. Thanks a lot, man. Thanks a lot.

I had a friend kicking my ass for years to get me to watch Firefly, and I finally dl'd it so I could watch it through my ps3, and I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of that show. I was so crushed that it didn't continue. Probably my favourite piece of Whedon's work. Except for the part where he kills Wash. That was just totally uncalled for.

soft nonsense said...

D - Maybe when you're older, sweetheart.


AGeek - Right?! What a D-Bag. That everyone loves and respects. Seriously.

Annah said...

All I saw was Jason Segal. YUMMY :)

soft nonsense said...

Annah - I'd be on it in a second given the opportunity.

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