Friday, May 14, 2010

Justin Who?

In order to make up for last postings, I decided to semi- double down on today's posts. That, and I needed a break from the constant errands I've been running, and decided to further hone my Photoshopping skillz.

Last night at dinner, we had a bunch of family friends over to see me before I head back to Chitown (their culinary excellence certainly didn't hurt). During the dinner (over at the "kids' table") there ended up being three teenage girls. Naturally, the conversation turned to one thing: Justin Beiber.

Now, I've seen one of the young lad's videos (Baby? Maybe? Whichever one had the bowling alley awkwardness). And by seen, I of course mean "watched 30 seconds of before closing the window in slight disgust." So help me, I can't figure out why people like him or his music.

But I digress.

As the two older (non-related to me) girls were talking about him, when my sister, ever the follower/suck up whose only knowledge likely comes secondhand from her chattery high school friends, decided to add her two cents.

"Oh yeah, Justin Beaver is such a hottie."

....wait, what?

"Justin Beaver is sooooo cute."

Indeed, sister dear. Justin Beaver IS adorable.

Awww. Look at him. Gettin' ready to gnaw a tree down I bet....

(I wasn't sure which was better, so here's the alternate version...)

If there's one thing family is always good for, its blog material.



I do have to say.... Justin Beaver looks way cooler than Justin Bieber!

Laura Salisbury said...

I don't get it either? But in all honesty I think most music now a days is crap.

The Illustrious D said...

Skillz. You gotz 'em.

beaver wigger = bigger?

Amber said...

I wonder if someone will start a "lesbians who look like justin beaver" website.

There's probably some raunchy joke in that but I'm too lazy to think it up.

soft nonsense said...

@ABAO - and more adorable!

@Laura - Thanks for stopping in, and as far as Top 40 stuff goes, true sauce....I also played Queen's Greatest Hits and Back in Black roughly 150 million times throughout my youth.

@D - I can tell you mean it because of the Z's.

@Amber - That's probably the best tumblr ever conceived. And agreed on the raunchiness and the laziness.

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