Friday, April 23, 2010

The World According to Infomercials

I'm a big fan of infomercials. And by infomercials, I mean making fun of infomercials. The slap chop, the slanket, the Obama Chia Pet*, the ShamWow, the BumpIt....all of them faves. While my father has occasionally indulged in the purchase of various "As Seen on TV" products, I know better. But damn, those commercials are entertaining.

*Now with extra racism!

I enjoy them so much that I even watched the Discovery Channel show "Pitchmen" (before it's untimely cancellation due to the death of the king of killer products himself, Billy Mays*). I occasionally mute commercials when I'm watching TV with friends and whatnot to foster conversation and prevent myself from hearing the same god damn Old Spice commercial with Terry Crews (which, despite being directed by Tim and Eric, known for their work in Tim and Eric, was only funny the first time I saw it). However, I'm known to unmute it if any favorite ones came on.

*Fun fact: pallbearers at his funeral wore blue shirts and khaki pants, and he was buried in a shirt with the OxyClean logo on it.

And now, a wonderful man/woman/thing named kickintheheadcomic has combined two of my favorite things: Youtube and incompetent people who need things like stairs for their pets:

Thank you, infomercials, for giving us an in-depth look into how disturbingly (and dangerously) incompetent we all are, and how your product is likely the only thing that can save our hair from being un-poofed, our towels from being unwearable (a.k.a. robes) and our golf games being interrupted by something as silly as using the bathroom.

Happy Friday everybody.


Sadako said...

So true. We are incredibly lame according to infomercials. I saw a really good spoof one (viral ad for milk) where it's basically, "Are you too weak to lift your arms, put the food in this device that brings it to your mouth).

soft nonsense said...

One of my favorite infomercial product spoofs of all time.

Tony said...

You know what infomercial I like? The Ninja Blade. I haven't seen it in a while, but it can turn ice into SNOW! Also, the Gazelle Freestyle commercials from all those years back. Man. That Tony Little guy was crazy....

Amber said...

Oh my lord. That video is hilarious.

My favorite infomercial is for the "shoedini", which is bizarrely narrated/voice-overed by Gilbert Gottfried. The first time I saw it I was watching Adult Swim so I didn't know if it was supposed to be a joke/ spoof.

soft nonsense said...

@Tony - TL was one of my first infomercial loves. Did you ever ride a Gazelle? It is singlehandedly one of the most fun/frightening workout experiences you'll find this side of out-running a velociraptor for cardio.

@Amber - At this point in time, I just naturally assume whatever Gilbert Gottfried is doing is a joke.


I love the ginsu commercial where the lady keeps hitting the tomato with a dull knife!

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