Saturday, April 3, 2010

Level Up!

On this blog, I have said many things about my life, and only barely anonymously or secretively. I don't ever use my name, but if you search for it, it's very, very easy to find. I use "Girlfriend" instead of her real name, but again, not too hard to figure out upon investigation. My readers know I work for my school's newspaper and radio station, love me some video games, watch the Food Network and Adult Swim like its my job, and enjoy YouTube videos just a bit too much.

All in all though, I think the biggest lesson learned about me in my blog is my not-so-inner nerdiness. From zombies to Scott Pilgrim (JULY 20 AND AUGUST 20 WHAT WHAT) to Star Wars/Trek reference to Nostalgic Music Mondays, I have a fair number of mediums covered (and I'm forgetting plenty, I'm sure). But I believe I officially reached a new milestone in my nerd-dom yesterday, and wanted to not only share it with my readers but also put it down in the annals of history via semi-permanant blogness.

I, soft nonsense, on Friday, April 3, 2010 went into a local, non-chain comic book store and purchased a pair of comics.

I had been planning this for a long, long time. Besides Scott Pilgrim, I've read a few other comics (Transmetropolitan, The Watchmen, Nextwave, Death of Superman), but I never quite felt comfortable adding "comic book nerd" to my arsenal of titles and labels. I wanted to truly experience going into a store, gazing at the stacks and stacks of comic books. I wanted to see the forms of heros as they did battle for justice on all their covers as I perused them.

But god damn, I had no fucking clue where to start.

After a whole mess of research on the Interwebs, hours and hours of perusing blogs and message boards and "best of" lists, I came to a conclusion: there are a shit ton of comic books out there, and pretty much everyone has a different opinion of them*.

*Like pretty much everything on the Interwebs.

So I went in with my friend/roommate, so frazzled on information that I only barely remembered what a comic book was. I was overwhelmed when I walked through the door. The tiny room roughly the size of my dorm now appeared to multiply in its size due to the sheer intimidation all of the books lining the walls brought unto my indecisive psyche.

Still, I looked around bravely, acting like I knew what I was looking for. I found titles that I recognized, but had no idea what I would want. Eventually, the awkwardness of my twelfth lap around the store outweighed my desire to....I'm not really sure. Be manly and pick out my own comic books?

So I talk to the store owner for awhile, and he suggests two books:

Batman: Year One


The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes

I had heard of both of them, so I basically said "Sure okay why not!" and bought them. I've only barely started reading Year One (think Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins, but in a non-movie form) and quite honestly have no clue what Sandman is about yet (a sound purchase, eh?). I'm sure I'll keep you all updated as to how they are (because I stretch for material like that), but I wanted you all to be there (mentally) for when I entered this, the next stage in my nerd life.

I'll be sure to let you know when I go to a Star Trek convention and meet William Shatner.

Oh wait, I've already done that. Shit...


Pat Tillett said...

Hey there,
Sunday morning there will be something for you at my blog!

soft nonsense said...

Well, I mean, technically isn't it already Sunday morning?

Unless I guess you were referring to the comment you just left...

KellyBean76 said...

Ha :) You're a funny little dude. I didn't MEET the Shat, myself, but I did see him with Leonard Nimoy at Dragon*Con last labor day weekend. Batman and the Sandman are freaking sweet. lol. Glad I found ur blog thru Mr. Tillet's award today!

soft nonsense said...

I knew smoothly and subtly winning PTills over would get me somewhere in the blogosphere....

Despite the "little dude" comment (lol), I'd give a whole bunch to go to Dragon*Con or some such. Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for following me! Hope I can live up to the expectations...

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