Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Mansgiving Everybody! (Plus Nostalgic Music Monday*)

*A little late. But you'll understand why shortly.

So I was originally planning on a lame Easter post (including a very funny tirade about how Peeps taste like whipped styrofoam), but decided to scrap it. Then, I wanted to make a post about the meal we were making for Easter night, but that got pushed back. And so here I am, Monday morning/Tuesday night-ish, puttin' up this post, and just barely squeaking in NMM. Plus, this is going to be semi-short, as its well past midnight and I still have to write a short article and my playlist for tomorrow to put together. Sssooo....

After much deliberation, we decided on an epic meal of epic proportions, we came up with a meal best described in a single word: Mansgiving. Here's the lineup in my first ever photo blog* -

*Warning, this might have a little bit too much testosterone in it. But I'm writing under pressure, and am entirely too tired to bring my mind out of its basic, testosterone-filled reptilian level. Mah bad.

1) Homemade onion straws.

2) NY Strip steak.

3) Mashed sweet potatoes.

4) Tossed salad (us men need our fiber too, ladies).


First I started on the biscuits.

Please, if you're at work or class, try to stifle your gasps. How did we manage to create such wonderful-looking biscuits you ask? As men, we obviously don't own cookie cutters, right?

Damn right.

So (being men) we improvised. See that wonderful red solo cup in the background? I have two words for you.

Boo. Yah.

We took a leftover plastic cup from a partay we had last weekend and a few knife cuts later...

...we had a college-level, ghetto-fabulous biscuit-cutter. Hooray for cheapness!

Next we breaded and fried some onion straws, sliced super-thin:

Messy yumminess. Turning into:


In the background you see the oil and the boiling potatoes and oil. Next we move on to...um...

No more pictures until the final product?

Well what about the steaks? Or the mashing of the potatoes? Or the final biscuits?


Well it seems like I forgot to take more pictures. Odd, it seemed to happen right as the first batch of onion rings cooled....what a crazy random happenstance.

Well, here's the final piece of manly food glory -

So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen: Mansgiving. And yes, it was totally Mansgiving, even though Girlfriend was there. Our mealtime entertainment was, naturally, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. Coming to kitchens (and, in our case, living rooms) everywhere. I'm fine with those of you who jump on this holiday sensation celebration that's sweeping the nation want to celebrate it either the night after Easter or the first Monday of April. Your call, really, just as long as you credit me*.

Mom: C'mon kids, time to come in for Mansgiving!
Little Timmy: Hooray!!
Little Tammy: Thanks Mom, you always make the best soft nonsense Mansgiving food!
Little Sassafrass: Yeah, I'm so excited for my nachos grande with special chili nacho cheese with corndogs on top!
End scene.


Finally, before I work on homework finally...


Now, admittedly, this mostly brings back to the summer, when my fellow orientation leaders and myself sang the song together, but it still played a large role in my own 90's child development. Be sure to watch all 7-some minutes of Meatloaf's over-the-top glory, so that you can take this wonderful "sporcle" quiz:

He would do anything, but....

First one to get the right answer and post it on the blog gets a prize!*

*Of congratulations. Maybe a shout-out, but no promises.


Editor's note: As manly as this post OBviously was, in order to retain my nerdy image, I'd like to point two things out: my roommates and I thought a fancy cooking blowout was a great way to spend our night, and we watched Wall-E while we were cooking. A great movie, but not particularly manly. Also, I was taking pictures to put it all on my blog.

End scene.


krymeariver said...

fabulous mansgiving. Totally clever cookie/biscuit cutter. Kudos my friend. Awesome dr. horrible reference as well. yay for NPH!

soft nonsense said...

NPH is pretty much the best ever. Well, second-best, behind Ryan Reynolds (as exemplified by my man top 5). Thanks for stopping by!

CharleyQuinn said...

but that! but that! and btw that manly meal looked amazing to me, which is saying something as i have just eaten breakfast. shouldve gone with steak and eggs :(

soft nonsense said...

You know...I've never actually had steak and eggs for breakfast. Probably because I'd die of protein overdose. Then again, I've enjoyed a "manburger," the ultimate in meat experiences. But that's a story for another post....

Pat Tillett said...

I must go eat.....NOW!

soft nonsense said...

You're welcome.

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