Monday, March 8, 2010


Well I was going to make this some Hawaii-themed (likely braggy) post about how warm it is, how many whales I've seen, how much time in the sun I spent, the chickens I've seen (tomorrow?).

But I digress.

One of my favorite things to do whilst in this Island Paradise is people watch. Whether it's the little kids zooming around the beach and making sand castles*, old men without shirts on that look like their wearing a sweater vest over a brown leather shirt, disgustingly cute newlyweds, or middle aged couples jogging together while just taking a break from it all, I love sitting by the beach and just gazing at my fellow man just as much as I like watching the big blue ocean.

*I use the term castles loosely. As adorable as they were, they were almost exclusively sand heaps, piles, or clumps. Rarely castles. I might be being a little harsh, but when I was their age, I made some pretty bitchin' castles.

So as my family sat down at a fairly nice restaurant, I do a bit of gazing, as per usual. Fairly standard fair (big family that seemed like it should be in a magazine, few older folks, and super tan waiters and waitresses) and no one really caught my attention until my eyes wandered upon a guy who I swore I recognized. I wondered if I had recognized him from a plane ride or even a past Hawaiian experience. But then it clicked.

I was looking upon a Hollywood.

I stealthily sneaked glances across him and his lady friend via faux-stretches, pretend zoning outs, and looks when I could tell he was distracted, but no matter how much I creeped him, I couldn't come up with his name. I became desperate. I had to know. Had to confirm that the joy in my stomach of spotting someone who I knew was justified. So I did the unthinkable.

Calmly and slowly...

I asked my family to help me creep him*.

*Like I was going to go up to him and ask. Psh. I have a sense of honour (double so, as I spelled that word with a 'u'). That, and I have a history of running away from celebrities, like Jim Carry and almost Whoopi Goldberg. But that's a story for another day.

Eventually, through equally as stealthy glances (it's genetic, I think), we all agreed: I should creep further and take a picture. So I lined up a picture of my brother, zoomed uncomfortably into his face, then quickly moved my wrist to the left and took a series of pictures that would make LA Paparazzi swoon. After we all passed around the camera (like ninjas, of course), we all agreed. I Wikipedia-d him once we got back to confirm. Our celebrity:

I should have known from the yellow skin...

Well sort of. Really, it was Hank Azaria, who does a slew of voices for the Simpsons (Moe, Apu, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, Chief Wiggum, and a bazillion more) and a few other things. Here are the pics:

Behold the brosef.

Mmm, behold the blurrness.

Here's a REAL, non-shit-tastic picture of the man...

Oh, and if you were wondering...

Yes, he totally noticed me creeping on him. Apologies Hank.


Sid Z. said...

haha nice! did you use the powershot? i'm so proud. :)

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