Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pilgrim Poster, Music?

So I viewed yesterday as a tiny bit of a cop-out post (though, hey, who doesn't enjoy music and YouTube videos?). I was mildly disappointed in myself, especially since I came up with four new post ideas within the next hour and a half of the post. But for me, writing something is better than writing 2-3 posts a week. This might not be the best strategy for getting folloers, or even putting out a super duper high quality post every single time, but a lot of blogging, for me, is having an outlet available to me every single day to do something creative. In a way, the more I make myself write, the more I enjoy it and the more I WANT to write.

But that's a blog post for later.

What I'm REALLY here to blog about is Scott Pilgrim news*!

*I've apparently deemed myself a reporter for all news on Scott PIlgrim, whether it be the movie or the new book. It is, not surprisingly, one of my most blogged-about topics, which should only convince you all about how awesome it is. Or how big of a nerd that I am. Your choice really.

First up, a brand-spanking new movie poster!

Now, heres my problem with this thing. I love the tagline "An epic of epic epicness," and love the fact that it's a near-perfect representation of the first page of the first book ("Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life":

My only problem, and this applies to both the print addition and the apparent movie, is that Scott plays bass with a pick. I, as a bass player myself, I judge those who don't play using their fingers. In the bass world (in my humble and narrow opinion), the calluses on your fingers are directly proportionate to the size of your....

...playing skills. We'll go with that.

Also, Edgar Wright, the director, posted on his blog (listed on the right of my page), this:

The soundtrack for ‘Scott Pilgrim Vs The World’ is already jam packed with goodies, not least the aforementioned ‘Black Sheep’ by Metric. It’s all very exciting stuff and I’m looking forward to making love to your earholes.

Now, it’s worth stressing that given the embarrassment of musical riches that we have at the moment, we are not looking for more material for the film’s soundtrack.

But it would churlish of me not to link to this valiant effort to get on the OST.

See below for a musical plea from Chicago’s own Former Fat Boys, who describe themselves on their Twitter page as “the best hip-hop duo on Earth since Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff”. That’s some serious shit right there.

Enjoy their submission for the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, ‘7 Evil Exes’ which is in the grand tradition of movie raps from Will Smith, Bobby Brown and Partners In Kryme.
Here it is…

Not a great song, IMO, but the sheer fact that people are writing songs about SP and submitting them to Wright makes me kind of happy (look for the lyrics on Wright's blog). Now just waiting for a trailer....


I would just like to point out that I SCOOPED EDGAR WRIGHT ON HIS OWN SHIT. That's right, I posted the new poster a full SEVEN hours before he did. And its his own movie!

That's why I'm an award-winning journalist. True story.


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