Thursday, March 25, 2010

Highlight of the Week?

This post will be short and sweet. Why you ask?

Because the greatest thing in the history of things is COMING TO THEATERS NEAR YOU.

...on August 20th....


Michael Cera still seems a bit too wimpy for the part of everybody (my and my roommate's) favorite hero, but those fight scenes make me feel a lot better about what I thought could have been a potentially disastrous blow to my nerd psyche. If you're confused as to what Scott Pilgrim is, 1) shame on you 2) click here. Or, you know, here or here or here. But only after clicking that first one.

As of this writing, I've already watched the trailer four times. I'll be pushing at least a dozen within the hour.

That is all.

Also this is coming out July 20th. Which is more exciting, but has already been covered. So NOW that is all.


Amber said...

I'm super hyped on this! In honor of all the recent Scott Pilgrim news I'm thinking about wearing my Scott Pilgrim shirt for the entire weekend and re-reading volumes 1-5. I think Edgar Wright is the perfect director for this...I really don't think anyone else would be able to pull it off.

I mean, the guy directed these two scenes:

soft nonsense said...

What SP shirt do you have? Though I mean, really, it doesn't matter because ALL SP shirts are likely awesome. And I think I've reread the entire series at least three times....

Edgar Wright = perfect. Agreed.

Amber said...

I have this one:

I got it a comic book convention.

soft nonsense said...

Yup. Nailed it. Hella awesome.

Wish I could throw down on some comic con :/ I was out of Chi when this one came dad took me to a couple Star Trek conventions when I was young though. Met the Shat and everything.

soft nonsense said...

OH, and side note:

The girl who plays the lesbian ex?

Totes Anne from Arrested Development. Awesome.

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