Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Color (Also Titled: Prepare for Trouble, and This Time It's Double)

So as I packed last weekend on my way to KC for an Orientation Leader Conference, I knew that I had a lot of homework coming up the next two weeks. My backpack likely weighed 15-20 pounds after I put in all of the books etc. that I'd need to get a good head start on the coming week, plus I knew I'd have time with the 10 hours I'd be spending sitting around in the car both there and back.

Naturally, I spent a large portion of said ride playing an old Game Boy Color I found in my backpack.

First, a little backstory. I had a group of friends in my all-guys private high school who all shared a passion for long hair (i.e. hair that went beyond the collar of our shirts). As such, we knew that if we ate lunch in the cafeteria, we would be reprimanded and somehow punished (such as washing tables post-meal or worse. Like having to get it cut). So we would eat in the office of a faculty member we liked/liked us/tolerated us for our appearance.

Jesus had long hair, we said. Why couldn't we?

Anywho, while we were in there, we found an issue of Nintendo magazine that was a good half a decade old. On the cover, we found some of the ultimate nostalgia: Pokemon. Granted, it was one of the new generation ones, but after a few minutes of trashing we got back to our childhood.

In our reminiscence, we all realized that we still had our old copies of the game or extras to share with one another. And thus began the Pokemon binge of second semester junior year.*

*Yeah, we're pretty fucking cool.

But by the time I picked it up again this weekend, I had forgotten how awesome it was in its simplicity. It was easy: get your guys stronger than the other ones, then kick some bootay.* But really, it reminded me how pervasive it was to our generation. EVERYONE I know either watched the show, played the game, or collected the cards. Or at least knew a ton of people who did. It was a staple of our culture, and in a somewhat sad way it gave us something for us ll to relate to.

*Side note: I always named my rival something degrading, like "The Assface" or "Butthead" so that he would always be introduced as such. "Have you seen my grandson, The Assface?" Made me giggle every time.

So today, take a moment to remember your favorite cuddly (or not so much) thing that that crazy kid from Pallet Town encountered in his travels.

Mine was between these:


Truly a toss-up. I know which would make me the Pokemon Master though....if I could ever catch it.


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