Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday to Moi

First of all, I feel terrible. I haven't posted a thing in days. And the last thing I posted was, in fact, about ketchup, so not super exciting. I have oodles and oodles to blog about, but just have had too little time in life to do it. So here I am, post 1am, sitting in the newspaper office when I should be at home sleeping away the hours of my birthday (yay, happy birthday!), doing a likely dumb blog post. But its all for you.

Twenty is an odd age to be. There's nothing beneficial to being twenty, no special privileges. In fact, because the excuse of "I'm just a dumb teenager" no longer applies, one could easily argue that you have LESS privileges. There have only been two silver linings that pop into my mind:

1) I can finally join the "20 Something Bloggers" on Blogspot (Administration approval-pending), just when my life is getting too busy to blog.

2) I feel like I can finally legitimately refer to remembering things as being "a decade ago." But that also makes me feel surprisingly old, so not a huge plus.

And though I've only been without a 1 in my age for the first time in ten years (#2!) for roughly an hour and a half, I already feel a little different. Or at least like I should feel different. Like I should actually be responsible, instead of mostly pretending like it. Life is coming fast, and I can't say I really know if I'm ready for it. Late newspaper nights plus early radio Tuesdays plus homework = no sleeps. Now I have to apply for study abroad, finish re-applying for my summer orientation leader job for my interview Wednesday, Valentine's Day shopping...

And trying to appease my massive audience in the blogging world!? Good god...how will I survive?

Happy Birthday to me!

Giga yeah.


Andhari said...

"I can finally join the "20 Something Bloggers" on Blogspot (Administration approval-pending), just when my life is getting too busy to blog."

Aww you make me smile. I'm in 20sb membership team and I'll be approving you right now.

Happy birthday!:)

Dr. Rockso said...

hey b-b-baby!!!
just wanted to say that dr. rockso likes ya indirect shoutout to dr. rocksooooooo. g-g-g-yeaaaaahhhh. now be a good boy and pass 'ole rockso the cocaine..... i do cocaaaaiiiinnnneee.

o, and happy birthday, yeeaaaahhhhh.

Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I'm reaching 30, enjoy it while you can!!!

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