Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Birthday Thoughts and As Heard on the Radio!

I really REALLY wanted to be able to post this last night, but stuff kept coming up that either directly prevented me from posting it (the Internet breaking, for example) or something that I wanted to include in the post happening (see present 6). But here it is anyway, my b-day broken down...


Birthday present number 1:

As I was walking back to my dorm from the newspaper office (at 3 or so in the AM), I got caught in the giant snowstorm that is still going on here in ol' Chi-town. As I walked, I turned my headphones off (partially to avoid getting mugged) and just enjoyed hearing the crunch of fresh powder under my feet, knowing I was probably the first one to experience it in at least a few block radius.

Birthday present number 2:

After three hours of sleep, I got up (after two alarms) realizing that I had been so absolutely intent on getting to bed that I had contorted myself into an odd position, leading to some crazy back pain. But no matter. I rolled out of bed, threw on what I viewed to be my most comfortable clothing (sweater and pajama pants), grabbed some yogurt and went. Sadly, the snow had accumulated a couple inches in those three hours, so the bottom of my pants and my tennis shoes got pretty wet. So where was the good news in this portion of my day? The bus showed up right as I got to the stop.

Gotta appreciate the little things.

Birthday present number 3:

Had two lovely listeners call in to wish me a happy birthday. And yes, they were complete strangers. Gave me the warm fuzzies. Plus, felt like I had a pretty good b-day setlist (gave myself a few presents/self-dedications with songs that I had 100% overplayed last semester but loved entirely too much to ignore on my birthday).

Here it is:

Flaming Lips - Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots pt. 1
The Minor Leagues - Little Angel
Miracle Legion - With a Wish
Copeland - You Have My Attention
Plane - I See Love in the Future
Shout Out Louds - Streams of Whiskey
Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan
Vampire Weekend - Cousins
Blue Meanies - All the Same
Snakeships - Sheena
BOAT - Lately (I've Been On My Back)
Mountain Goats - Going to Georgia
Spoon - Written in Reverse
Gorillas - 5/4
The Dandy Warhols - Bohemian Like You
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Up Around the Bend

Birthday present number 4:

Got to spend the afternoon with the gal pal while she did her radio set, which was highly enjoyable, as we've had next to no time together for the last wee or so.

Birthday present number 5:

It's still snowing. Awesome.

Birthday present number 6:

I showed up to work, preparing for a terrible day at work. We were horrifyingly behind schedule, and I foresaw a night reaching deep past 2 or 3, not including the homework I had to do. But the second I walked into the office and saw that my desk and computer were decked out with birthday decorations (pics later?) with a picture of my girlfriend on my computer (in case I had any question as to who it was). Then later, she snuck up on me with a cake and candles and got the whole office to sing "Happy Birthday" to me, then brought me dinner. What a sweetheart :)

Birthday present number 7:

Had 70 Facebook notifications waiting for me, most of which wishing me happy birthday (yeah, maybe I decided to not check any of my notifications to build up my self-esteem, what of it?!). A few friends were absent through any form of communication, but whatever. I'm turrible at birthdays too, and would likely forget that people even have birthdays if it weren't for Facebook.

Birthday present number 8:

Got out of work earlier than we thought we would (still 1 a.m.).

Birthday present number 9:

There was a freaking EARTHQUAKE IN CHICAGO last night. I may have slept through it (it was at 4 in the morning, so I only missed it by an hour), and technically happened the day AFTER my birthday, I'll take it because it's so awesome.


I spent most of my birthday hunched over a computer within the confines of an office from some Loyolan form of mass communication, wearing pajama pants and a hoodie that I had worn the last two days in a row, in terrible need of a back rub, and grumpy from lack of sleep. But I still consider my first pseudo-adult birthday a success, even without any material gifts.

I feel so profound.

...Though I would like an XBox...

In honor of the snow greatness, here are a few of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes snowmen (I couldn't bear to have a post without any pictures)

Happy Birthday to me :)


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