Monday, February 15, 2010

The Best Hugger in the World

51-year-old Jeff Ondash, hailing from Ohio, traversed to Las Vegas in search of something. What was that, you ask?

Hugs, biatch.

I'm a man who is not ashamed to say that I love hugs. They're one of my favorite ways to express emotion, and by God, I give a pretty damn good one. Side effects include: warm fuzzies, inward meltiness, smiles, and happiness.

But damn.

Ondash set out to break the record for hugs in a 24-hour period. And by Barney as my witness, he did, to the tune of 7,777 MOTHER FLIPPING HUGS, utterly destroying the record set by Dubliner Siobhan O'Conner (like I needed to say that person was from Dublin...) of only 5,000.

Now, the guy already had the record for hugs in one hour (1,205), but Ondash would hardly settle for a measly 1/24 of his potential. And do you want to know what transforms this guy from simply awesome to balls-to-the-walls sweet hero?

Whilst going about his record-breaking pace, he goes by his pseudonym.

Teddy McHuggin.

So cool, or the coolest?

This dude had to hug at a rate of 208 hugs per hour (3.5 per minute), including over 700 in the first hour alone. Good god. Now he wants to break both the world's single longest hug (24 hours and 1 second) and breaking both of his current records CONSECUTIVELY.

"I don't even know if I can do that but I'm going to attempt it," Ondash said. "It's like climbing Mount Everest twice — same thing."

I don't have too many heroes in this world. But how can this guy not jump to the top 10 of anyone's list?


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