Friday, January 22, 2010


So I've done a pretty good job of espousing my love of zombie apocalypse scenarios (and plan on doing more when I talk about Seth Rogan's new potential zombie movie in a couple days). I've touched upon my slowly growing appreciation and love for comics (I'm listening to a podcast interviewing Scott Pilgrim author Bryan Lee O'Malley right now for goodness sake). And I've glossed over my love for video games. But now I feel like I should bare my nerdy soul just a little bit more for my tiny baby audience while I still can so that when my blog becomes magnificently popular they won't judge me when I bring this up.

So, here it is.

*deep breath*

I love kung fu movies.

I love them with all of my moviegoing heart. I would probably take a good (or really really bad) kung fu movie over any other movie. The prospect of a pre-children's movies Jackie Chan getting drunk, breaking walnuts with his bare hands and making a fool of himself in Drunken Master (or, truly, his near cameo role in the wonderfully terrible Young Tiger) makes me unbelievably happy. The sheer mention of Bruce Lee and the crazy noises he makes shivers run down my spine.

Some of the legends:

Every last one of them could probably kill you with a look, let alone with a fist. Or well-placed paw.

I love the escapism of them. The idea that one man, armed only with his fists and perhaps a pair of nunchucks, can dispense indiscriminate justice among those who take advantage of the poor, yet kind and peaceful villagers, makes me smile and cheer every time. I always get sucked into their weak plots filled with terrible dubbing, lackluster acting, and unbelievable fight scenes.

Point is, if you ever have a desire to watch some butt-kickin action and need a few suggestions, I'm your guy.


Hey! Look Behind You! said...

So do you support the Karate Kid remake?

And for awesome nerdy-ness, you should check out the Geekscape podcast, if you're not already. They are some of my favorite people.

soft nonsense said...

While I don't support remakes in general (or as many remakes as there seem to be today), Karate Kid might have some promise. It apparently got the second highest audience screening score ever in Sony history, so that's encouraging.

I mean, it was behind only Hitch, so take it as you may.

And I just subscribed, and shall be listening! Always on the lookout for a way to ratchet up my nerd level a couple more levels.

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