Thursday, January 14, 2010

Points of Interest: SP tidbit and Blogging

First up on what is apparently going to be a large ADD post, I'll continue my Scott Pilgrim fanboy crush for another post (for now) just to say that I'm now an official subscriber to the website/blog, so if I piqued your interest enough to get as jazzed as I am about it, then look over to yonder sidebar to look at the pictures and videos and news therein.


Anywho, as I said in my first post on this site, I'd tried blogging before, and largely failed. I had my moments of what I'm sure was WWWW (World Wide Web Wonder - copyrighted), but mostly I A) didn't post nearly enough for it to be taken seriously and B) let it devolve into a personal pity party a few too many times.

Now, God knows that I'm not going to be the next Perez Hilton (thank goodness...I enjoyed "I Gotta Feeling" a lot more when I listened knowing that had punched that guy in the face), but part of the reason I decided to start over here on blogger/blogspot (MAKE UP YOUR MIND WEBSITE!) was because I wanted to try to do this right.

Enter the shitty-looking hand-drawn banner, the hours - literally hours - spent picking out and tweaking a template (I switched it five times in the 20 minutes after my first major post with Scott Pilgrim), and the time I spent this morning perusing through dozens of blogs, opening them all on one window with more tabs than it could handle, and Following a few of them with the tremendous amount of creepy randomness that only the Interwebs can provide.

Despite my original reluctance to commit to blogging every day or two as an official New Year's Resolution, it's looking like it might just turn out like that. And I am fully willing to sell a portion of what remains of my non-geek soul (as precious little as there is left) to semi-anonymously recapture my youthful love of writing by making myself do it. As un-romantic as that last bit sounds, the fact that I'm nearly 20 and referring to it as my "youthful love" is enough to rationalize it to me.


Sid Z. said...

i thought i was your youthful love. seems i've been replaced...

soft nonsense said...

Think way youthful-er.

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