Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Man, The Legend, The Comic Book Character


So earlier this semester, I saw one of my roommates reading what appeared to be a comic book on his computer. I asked him what he was reading. His answer changed the geek aspect of my life forever.

May I introduce those of you who aren't nearly as nerdy as I am to the one and only Scott Pilgrim.

Now, I'm a decently nerdy fellow. I have a few blogs I follow, play way too many video games, can tell you far more than the average person can/should be able to on Star Wars AND Star Trek, enjoy the occasional showtune and Disney movie, and am constantly updating my personal Z-Day escape plan (that would be for the zombie apocalypse). But I'd always regarded comic books as something beyond my geek range. That was, until Bryan Lee O'Malley and his wonderful Scott came into my life.

Scott is a lazy Canadian in his early twenties whose only discernible skill is being adorably naive and making the occasional video game reference (the band that he plays bass - also my instrument - for is called Sex Bob-Bomb after the Mario character). He has no direction in his life, freeloads off of his best friend/gay roommate Wallace, dates a high schooler because it's easier that way, and is unemployed. So basically, he is the definition of the young adult floating through life, which I think we can all identify with (through our own lives or the lives of that one friend we all have...).

All that changes when he meets an American girl named Ramona. Ramona changes her hair color every few day, has an "interesting" fashion sense, and has a whole heaping helping of mysteriousness (real word? I vote yes) about her. Scott falls for her immediately, and after looking past his inherent dorkitude (also claiming it as a real word), she falls right back.


But there's one catch that turns "Scott Pilgrim" from the usual (albeit hilarious and sweet) coming of age, boy-meets-girl story: Ramona has had a history of dating some bad guys. Literally, cartoon (or I suppose comic-book)-style bad guys. She has seven evil exes, all of which Scott must defeat before he can go out with her. It turns out Scott also happens to be a master fighter, and the remainder of the series switches focus between his relationships with his friends and Ramona and his quest to beat all seven exes, including the leader of the "League of Evil Ex-Boyfriends" himself, Gideon Graves.

If you enjoy laughing, then I recommend Scott Pilgrim to you, and invite you to be giddy with me for whenever the sixth (and final) installment comes out later this year. But more than pimping out how awesomely nerdy I am (very nerdy), I was mostly inspired to make this post because Edgar Wright (of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, etc.) is directing a movie based on the series that stars Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim.

(I can sorta see it....)

My fandom of Michael Cera goes all the way back to his Arrested Development days, but I'm not quite sold on whether he can pull off Scott Pilgrim. Nonetheless, I was still unbelievably pumped for it to come out later this year (supposedly in conjunction with the last SP book) even BEFORE the production crew released new pictures from the movie a couple days ago...

Um, awesome much? Why yes, that IS Michael Cera carrying a god damn flaming katana while some guy backflips seemingly because he fucking can. Behind him is Jason Schwartzman as Gideon and what I assume is Ramona. I have all of the books so far on my computer, so if you know me and you're interested in reading them, then I have a flash drive to give you....and if you're undecided as to whether you should read O'Malley's creation, I believe someone has an answer for you.....

Sorry, couldn't resist the cheap, and bad, gag.


Sid Z. said...

i can't wait to read this! hand that flash drive over immediately.


Hercules said...

hey baby lose the zero and get with the hero

soft nonsense said...


I'll just assume you were quoting the Disney movie that you take your name from, and I thank you for that.

Hercules said...

hahah you are very welcome. it's nice to warrant a response. unfortunately, thats more that can be said for the kids these days. the only god they find worth talking about is that douchebag god of war, kratos...
i think i am going to be hiding out in vancouver for a while. i hear there are other olympians seeking refuge.

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