Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Post/New Year's Resolutions

Well, here I am again. Trying to create another blog while starting off with another post semi-chastising myself for not blogging more often, which has been the opener for roughly 90% of all my other entries across the short span of time that I've been blogging (unless you count Xanga back in middle school. Do you? I guess you could...*).

*While we're talking about Xanga, I'd like to reminisce for a bit. Not to brag or anything, but I was a Xanga fiend. Maybe it was because (sadly) middle school/early high school was near the peak of my social popularity (I was - evidently - a hot piece of early teen arss...). But I always got a few people commenting on what I posted. I also loved the fact that you could put what song you were listening to or book you were reading or game you were playing etc. One more thing people could connect to, I guess. POINT IS - I had enough in me to actually post something frequently. Which transitions me neatly into....


I've tried these before, and rarely have I succeeded in keeping them. Likely because of my low attention-span for self-improvement and such things. And many of them are conceptual (the hardest kind of resolution to keep because there's no real "goal"), but I think as long as they're more like "focus points" rather than actual goals, I'll still pull through. I'll try again this year, perhaps with a bit more urgency.

1) Practice my bass at least once a day, time providing.

I've let myself fall horribly out of playing shape, if there is such a thing, and I think it's quite the shame. I was always a much better upright player (mostly because I was in orchestra), but I was always fair at the electric. When I made the all-district orchestra senior year and took a solo to state competition junior year, they were some of the most fulfilling experiences I've had in my life. I worked hard, dedicated myself to something, and was rewarded through not only accolades, but a real sense of accomplishment. So while finding tabs for the theme songs of TV shows and struggling through the bass lines of CAKE and others may not be like playing a Suite with some of the city's top musicians, I'll hopefully be able to capture some of that same sense of fulfillment.

Bonus points: Do more lyric writing. And/or buy a keyboard and get back mah skillz at ticklin' the ivory. Or plastic imitation. What have you.

2) Devote more time to reading.

When I wasn't fiending up Xanga, I was an avid reader back in the day. There were times when I would literally have four or five books all going at once, opened or bookmarked throughout various rooms in the house. As my schedule filled through high school, reading began taking a backseat to preserve sanity. I just didn't have time for it. So I fell out of the habit. Once I got to college, I figured I'd be able to jump right back into it, and I did to a certain extent.

Then came a book called "Mornings on Horseback" (stupid Blogspot for not having an underline a former English major it hurts my soul a bit). It is a biography about Teddy Roosevelt, one of my favorite historical figures of all time, so I figured I would be interested.

Seven months later, I'm halfway done.

It was indescribable. I could power through anywhere from 50 to 100 pages every now and again, but weeks would go by without me even thinking about it. I was worried that I had lost my book mojo. Could video games have truly devolved my brain this far? But then I came to a frank realization earlier this week: the book is mind-numbingly tedious and boring. All it took was a pair of guides (Zombie Survival and Hitchiker's to the Galaxy, in that order) that restored my confidence. So once again, I shall try my hand at making reading a part of my everyday life. Until Left for Dead 2 comes calling of course.

3) Keep an idea journal.

Another oldie but goodie. I've been saying this one for months, but I'm going to legitimately try to carry around a separate notebook for me to write down what few ideas and bolts of thought-lightening (good analogy eh? I should write that down somewhere....) so that I don't forget them faster than an ADHD kid forgets he's supposed to be doing homework and not looking at the pretty shiny.

4) Be more outgoing.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I'm hardly a quiet person. I'm not exactly what you'd call shy. But I don't do a good enough job taking initiative when it comes to hanging out with people (or planning dates etc for that matter). Game on.

And to close it up with one final cliche....

5) Get my butt to the gym.

Or at least actually attend my martial arts class. Or go lift. Or get in a good stretch now and again....

And there you have it. Not only have you slogged through your first post by me on this new site, but now you know the list that I will likely forget all about come next week. Hope to make this a regular thing (though note that blogging consistently was not one of my resolutions....trying to keep them realistic). Read my column in the Loyola Phoenix ("Lurz Blurbz", the site is for my always witty analysis of national sports, or listen to my radio show on 88.7 WLUW at 11am on Thursdays (live feed on the website!). Both shall start back up in a couple weeks. Hope the holiday season treated you well!


Charley Quinn said...

i can tell you firsthand: the idea journal is the best. the more you use it, the more pride you have in it and thus it becomes easier and easier to continue using it.

soft nonsense said...

I started doing it after I started this blog just to keep track of the random stuff I would think of during the day that were bloggable, and it's definitely paying off, albeit not in the last week or so....

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